If you get hurt in an auto accident in SC, the at-fault driver’s insurance company doesn’t want you to hire an attorney.


Because their adjusters and attorneys have a lot of experience settling claims for peanuts and fighting accident victims in court. And, simply put, you don’t.

On average, people who hire a personal injury attorney to handle their auto accident claims are more likely to get more money from the insurance companies, whether in a settlement or a jury verdict – even after attorney fees are paid.

Why Can’t I Count on a Fair Settlement from the Insurance Company?

Insurance companies are in business for the same reason as everyone else – to make money. One of the surest ways insurance companies can keep their profits up is by keeping their costs down, and they do that by denying claims or settling them for as little as possible.

They must be successful at it because the insurance business is a high-growth industry. So how do they do it?

One thing adjusters are trained to do is always take advantage of contests that are uneven – in other words, they seize on any opportunity to push an inadequate settlement on car accident victims who do not have an attorney on their side.

Insurance adjusters have a lot of experience at high-stakes negotiations, and they know that you don’t. They know how to interpret evidence in a way that helps their clients, and they do it every day. They know how to gather their own evidence – and they know how to attack and undermine your evidence.

You probably don’t know the rules of this kind of fight, but your SC auto accident attorney does. Like the insurance adjuster, your attorney does this for a living.

How Can My SC Auto Accident Attorney Help?

Simply put, having an attorney on your side significantly increases your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.

And there are other advantages – your attorney can take over the most tedious and stressful parts of the fight against the insurance company from the very beginning. These are some of the things we will do for you:

  • File your claim and, if necessary, your lawsuit;
  • Negotiate with the at-fault driver’s insurance company adjuster or attorney;
  • Work with your medical professionals or other experts to gather and present evidence of your injuries;
  • Dig into all the available evidence to make sure you have every advantage – including photos of the scene of the accident, witness testimony, and any surveillance video;
  • Recruit the help of expert witnesses, such as accident reconstructionists or cell phone experts, to help determine exactly how the at-fault driver caused your injuries and establish liability;
  • Try your case to a jury when the insurance company does not pay; and
  • Whenever possible, negotiate your medical bills after settlement to keep your out-of-pocket costs as low as possible.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you could be facing a variety of costs that you might not even think about, and you may be entitled to entire categories of damages that the insurance adjuster will not tell you about. Your attorney has experience calculating these kinds of costs, and we will fight to ensure that you get every penny you deserve.

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