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Disorderly Conduct

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Disorderly Conduct

Have you or someone close to you been charged with Public Disorderly Conduct?

If so, you may be feeling very confused and frustrated. This charge can seem like a “catch all” for any kind of behavior.

You also may be asking yourself, “What does disorderly even mean?”

Before we get to the answer to that question, let’s talk a little about why you should take this charge seriously.

The Problem With a Disorderly Conduct Conviction

Even though Disorderly Conduct is considered to be a misdemeanor, it comes with some not so pleasant repercussions.

One of the most unpleasant consequences that occurs after a disorderly conduct conviction is that they will show up on a background check and can affect your employment. We are talking about your current job AND future jobs!

Having this type of charge on your record could scare employers off by making you look like a troublemaker even if it isn’t true.

What is Disorderly Conduct?

The definition of disorderly conduct is very broad and is broken into 3 parts, however; there 3 basic situations in which you can be charged with disorderly conduct.

You were drunk in public

You were in a public place and drunk or acting in a disorderly manner.

You used foul language

You used bad language in public or within hearing distance of a school or church.

You discharged a firearm

You discharged a firearm in a public place or within 50 yards of a public place while you were drunk or pretending to be drunk without good reason. It’s NOT disorderly conduct if the behavior in #3 happens on your own property.
A Few Questions About

Disorderly Conduct Charges

Being charged with a crime can be a frightening, life altering experience. It can affect your reputation, your family, your job, your future and most importantly your freedom.

What Is a Public Place?

public place can include a number of different places. Highways, parking lots, public parks, sidewalks, public gatherings, and much more.

Should you fight the charge?

Yes!! You should NOT just plead guilty and pay the fine, if that is the sentence the judge gives you. Even though the fine may seem small and easy to just pay and get behind you, be cautious of doing this. Your conviction may show up on a background check and, as discussed above, can affect your current and future job.

What exactly IS disorderly conduct?

This is the reason that this charge should be taken seriously – disorderly conduct can be any conduct whatsoever that the police says is disruptive. If this charge is beginning to sound like a “catch all” to you, it should.

What is the penalty for a conviction

Disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor. A conviction for this charge can carry two different penalties. You may either get a fine of $0-100 dollars OR a jail sentence of 0-30 days. It is in the judge’s discretion which penalty you get and what the exact amount of the fine or number of days in jail you get.

Why Having a Lawyer Will Help

The definition of Disorderly Conduct is so broad and much is left up to interpretation. It can be very easy to get slapped with these charges when you never intended to be disorderly!

While the fine is on the lower end and so is the jail time, ANY amount of money or jail time is too much when you have bills to pay and a job to go to. These charges come with the bad rap of being a troublemaker. Don’t let yourself be branded a troublemaker for the rest of your life just because of some “disorderly” behavior that you never intended to be illegal!

You need an attorney to go over the facts of your case to protect you and your future.

Let Us Represent You

Disorderly Conduct

If you have been charged with Public Disorderly Conduct in the Horry County, Conway or Myrtle Beach, SC area give us a call.

We’ll set up a free consultation with our criminal attorney to discuss the facts and circumstances surrounding your case. We’re available weekend and after-hours too.

Most important, you need an attorney to go over the facts of your case to protect you and your future.


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