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Trucking Accidents

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Trucking Accidents

18-wheelers or tractor trailers are involved in about half a million vehicle accidents each year in the United States. Many of these accidents result in serious injuries or death, and many of them were preventable. Some trucking accidents are the result of the truck driver’s negligence in failing to follow the rules of the road, and others are the result of the company’s negligence in failing to properly train their drivers or properly maintain their equipment.

Why do Truck Accidents Happen?

Many trucking accidents are the result of trucking companies prioritizing profits over safety. It is in the company’s financial interests to move the most amount of cargo as quickly as possible and to spend as little as possible on equipment, maintenance, and employees.

The Basics of

Trucking Accidents


Truck drivers are often under pressure to meet deadlines and they are tempted to break the speed limit as they try to make up time over long distances.

Heavy Loads

When a tractor trailer is overloaded, it is more difficult to slow down and the truck causes more damage if it collides with another vehicle on the road.

Improperly Secured Loads

Loads that are not properly secured can result in cargo falling from the truck, or it can result in the load shifting which can make maneuvering difficult.


Some truck drivers take the attitude that other drivers should always yield to them, pass dangerously, and even tailgate smaller vehicles until they move out of the trucker’s way.


Most truckers are paid by the mile which motivates them to keep pushing their bodies long past the point where they can drive safely. Although the Department of Transportation has established rules for how many hours a trucker can drive and how many hours the trucker must rest, some companies push their employees beyond these limits and some truckers will lie about their schedules to increase their time on the road.

Poor Maintenance

Proper vehicle maintenance is more important for eighteen wheelers than any other kind of vehicle. Because of the size and weight of big trucks, faulty brakes or a damaged suspension system can result in catastrophic injuries to other drivers.

Alcohol or Drugs

A company’s failure to run background checks on its drivers or to monitor its driver’s alcohol and drug use can result in liability for resulting accidents caused by their drivers.

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Trucking Accident

The attorneys at Coastal Law routinely handle trucking accidents in the Horry CountyConway, and Myrtle BeachSouth Carolina areas. We can help you or your loved one deal with the insurance company and protect your legal rights.

Truck accidents often involve catastrophic injuries or death which means a higher cost for the at-fault party than most typical auto accidents. The insurance company and trucking company will do everything in their power to limit their liability and the damages that they must pay. Your trucking accident attorney needs to take immediate steps to gather the evidence necessary to prove your case.

What should you do next?

First off, get medical help if you haven’t already. Next, call us. We want to help people involved in trucking accidents in the Myrtle Beach, SC area.

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