has published their yearly list of “The 30 Most Dangerous Cities in America,” and Myrtle Beach, S.C. has moved to the nation’s number three spot.

The numbers are based on the FBI’s crime statistics on a per capita basis which show that Myrtle Beach has a violent crime rate of 15.75 per 1000 persons and a property crime rate of 143.86 per 1000 persons.

It has been painfully obvious to Myrtle Beach residents that we have a problem with violent crime. The media has reported on a series of high profile murders and robberies over the past months and years, including a shooting that was live-streamed on Facebook this year from a tourist’s hotel balcony.

Come on Vacation, Go Home on Probation

One criticism of Safewise’s rankings is that the crime rate is based on the number of crimes per capita, which takes into account the number of Myrtle Beach residents but not the eight million plus visitors that come to the area each year. On the other hand, Safewise uses the same criteria for every other tourist destination in the country. If we only look at the statistics for cities with similar tourist industries, comparing apples to apples, Myrtle Beach ranks as the most dangerous beach city in the country.

Myrtle Beach needs to do something to address its increasing reputation as a party destination. The City wants to be a family-friendly tourist destination, and instead it is being called “Murder Beach” with the slogan “Come on Vacation, Go Home on Probation.”

The Myrtle Beach Police Department issued a statement on their Facebook page recognizing the problem and promising to address it:

“We are not naive, and we understand our city is not immune to crime, just like many other cities across this country,” Crosby goes on to say.

“What is vital for our community to know is that your police department has developed an operational plan and a plan of action to address the criminal activity that has occurred within our city.”

What Can the City Do to Reduce Crime Rates?

The City of Anderson, S.C. was previously on the 30 most dangerous cities list, but did not make the list this year. notes the improvements that the City of Anderson has made, and attributes the reduction in the crime rate to a program called that is run by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.

Myrtle Beach needs to implement real programs that are based on real research and have a proven track record. Turning around the crime rate in a tourist destination like Myrtle Beach is not simple or easy. Other cities have done it, however, and could provide a model for our police department.

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