Winter Storm Grayson took the Grand Strand and South Carolina’s low country by surprise this week.

While many Horry County residents are enjoying time off from work and a once-in-a-decade opportunity to go snow sledding at the beach, many others are now dealing with the aftermath of frozen, icy roads and multiple auto accidents.

Highway Patrol and local police have been working around the clock responding to car crashes and criminal complaints as the storm moved through the area, and we are expecting dangerous conditions for days to come.

What is the situation on the ground, and who pays for auto accidents in a snowstorm?

How Many Auto Accidents So Far?

On Wednesday and Thursday of last week, the Highway Patrol responded to 379 collisions in the Troop 5 area which includes Horry and Georgetown Counties. Hundreds of crashes were reported in the Florence and Darlington areas.

It’s not Over Yet…

Snow and ice on the ground began melting last week, but temperatures are still freezing and the roads are expected to refreeze overnight, a dynamic that could reoccur through this week. Several roads across the low country have been closed due to hazardous conditions.

Northerners might make fun of us for it, but it’s a fact that we do not have adequate snow plows or equipment to salt the roads and make them safe for drivers during a snowstorm. If you have to drive – slow down, be alert, and avoid highways that are closed. Don’t take unnecessary risks.

Who is Liable for a Car Wreck When There is Ice on the Roads?

Inclement weather is not a legal excuse for negligent driving. When the roads freeze, when there is high wind, rain or snow, drivers have a duty to slow down and take care to protect themselves and other drivers on the road.

If an auto accident is caused by another driver’s carelessness or reckless driving on icy roads, that driver is liable for the damages that were caused regardless of the weather conditions.

In situations where everyone involved was driving responsibly and no one was negligent, you may still have insurance coverage from your own uninsured or underinsured policy or from other sources. Your Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyer will help you to determine who was at fault and how to recover damages.

SC Auto Accident Lawyers in Myrtle Beach

South Carolina is ill-equipped to handle winter storms, and the number of auto wrecks increases any time there is snow or ice on the ground here. Odds are, however, someone is at fault in your accident and the negligent driver must still compensate you or your family for the damage they caused.

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