A man was killed last week after his motorcycle was struck by a car in Myrtle Beach.

The SC Highway Patrol said the car failed to yield while turning at the intersection of Gardner Lacy Road and Postal Way.

Two things stand out about this accident:

  • It happened in an area where a recent increase in traffic has caused the number of auto accidents to skyrocket; and
  • Failure to yield is the most common cause of motorcycle accidents.

More Traffic Means More Crashes

Postal Way connects Gardner Lacy Road to Carolina Forest Boulevard, where the rate of traffic accidents more than doubled after the newly built Ten Oaks Middle School opened last year.

Adding school traffic – parents dropping off and picking up their children and school buses coming and going – to the steady flow of commuters and families who live in the area has resulted in a disturbing spike in auto accidents in the area.

Planners say they will present a new design for Carolina Forest Boulevard in September. This could relieve traffic and reduce accidents in the area, but there is no date set for work to begin.

Drivers Don’t Look Out for Motorcycles

The cause of this accident is frighteningly common – failure to yield on the part of the non-motorcycle driver is blamed for two-thirds of multi-vehicle crashes involving motorcycles.

Most drivers are pretty good about looking for cars and trucks – after all, pulling out in front of one can land you in the hospital or the morgue. But, too many drivers wait for the cars and trucks to go by and then make their left turn – without seeing the motorcycle that’s coming.

It’s a danger to the driver, of course – but nowhere near the danger it puts the motorcyclist in.

With no time to stop, the biker can hit the other vehicle at full speed. The motorcycle crashes into the side or back of the car, and the rider flies into or over the vehicle.

This kind of crash is often fatal, even when – as in the case with last week’s motorcycle accident – the rider is wearing a helmet. When they are not fatal, these crashes often leave riders with devastating, lifelong injuries.

What Kind of Damages Can I Recover After a Motorcycle Crash?

If you are injured by a negligent driver while riding your motorcycle, contact personal injury attorney in Myrtle Beach immediately. You should not have to shoulder the costs of your injuries as the at-fault driver’s insurance company does everything it can to deny your claim.

We can help you recover compensatory damages to pay for medical care, future medical care, lost earnings, pain and suffering, psychological suffering, and property damage. If death resulted, the family can make the other driver pay by filing a wrongful death lawsuit against them.

In some cases, you can also recover punitive damages if we prove that the at-fault driver’s actions were willful, wanton, or reckless. Punitive damages might apply, for example, when the at-fault driver was drunk, or if they deliberately hit your motorcycle in a fit of road rage.

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