If you have a drug problem, at the end of the road you are likely to find prison, institutions, or death.

If you go to prison because of drugs, your situation is not likely to improve as you are now separated from family, friends, and the community that could have helped you to recover…

This cycle has devastated American families and communities in the decades since our government declared its “War on Drugs.”

It is this cycle that programs like the Horry County 15th District Drug Court are designed to disrupt.

But, do drug courts work? For many people, yes.

SC Drug Court Programs

Drug courts keep people out of prison by offering an alternative to prosecution and incarceration for non-violent offenders. By offering treatment rather than jail time, drug courts allow offenders to get sober, hold down a job, pay taxes, and live at home with their families.

And the state does not have to pay for it – participants pay the costs of drug court so that it is self-sustaining. In addition to treatment, drug court requires participants to work or go to school full-time and to be tested for drug use.

I have helped defendants in Horry County drug court and I’ve helped drug court defendants who were facing termination – my own experience is that drug court can literally save a person’s life and keep their family together. For successful participants who can get clean and stay clean, the program is a crossroads that can make the difference between prison and a healthy life free of addiction.

Is Drug Court for Everyone?  

Nationwide, only about half of drug court participants graduate. Depending on the case, an offender who starts but does not complete the program may ultimately be punished with harsher sentences than they would have received if they had just accepted a plea.  

For some, drug court can be a trap that sends them to prison through the back door instead of as a direct consequence of their guilty plea – people who are truly addicted are more likely to relapse and are much more likely to fail out of the program.

Does this mean attorneys should not recommend drug court to their clients? Of course not – attorneys should, however, carefully consider whether their client will be able to complete the requirements of drug court and whether their client is truly ready to get clean and stay clean as they complete the program…

Myrtle Beach and Horry County Drug Court Lawyers

Drug court is not the right choice for every client, but, in the right case, it can save a defendant’s life, save their family, and it can demonstrate that prison is not always the right answer for drug crimes.

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