Would you drive the length of a football field at 55 mph with your eyes closed?

Well, texting while driving is about the same. When you send a text or dial a number on your phone, you are not paying attention to the road. Period. So, for the five seconds or more that it takes to look at and use your device, you may as well have your eyes closed.

Distracted driving accounts for a ridiculous number of traffic injuries and deaths each year – behavior that is usually negligent and preventable.

How does distracted driving lead to auto accidents? And, what can we do to help prevent needless accidents caused by distracted driving?

The Numbers Don’t Lie – Texting While Driving is a Problem

If you think that sounds like an exaggeration, just look at these statistics:

Distraction Leads to Driver Errors

Drivers who are distracted by their devices make all kinds of mistakes.

They do not maintain consistent speeds. They veer in and out of their lane. They lose awareness of their surroundings and follow too closely. They forget to use turn signals. They miss traffic signs. They run red lights.

And these drivers are not a minority – half of adult drivers say they use their phones for some purpose while driving. Among teens, almost half say they have texted while driving, according to research from the Pew Research Center.

Teens Texting While Driving

This behavior is particularly dangerous for teens – and those who share the road with them – because a lack of driving experience coupled with risk-taking behavior makes them more likely to crash.

What Can I Do?

Here are some tips to protect yourself and your loved ones from distracted driving:

  • When you get in the car, turn off your devices and set them aside;
  • If you are a passenger and the driver picks up their phone, protest – demand that they wait, or offer to check their phone, send a text, or make a call for them;
  • Let your actions speak louder than words – don’t just tell your teenager not to text while driving, model that behavior for them, and make sure they notice;
  • Wear your seat belt – even if you’re not texting while driving someone is, and wearing a seat belt can protect you if you are involved in an accident with a distracted driver; and
  • Be constantly vigilant and aware of what people in the vehicles around you are doing and how they are driving.

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