Carolina Forest Blvd, located off Highway 501 in-between Myrtle Beach and Conway, SC, has seen a dramatic increase in auto accidents this year. Construction of the new Ten Oaks Middle School, the opening of the new school, and ongoing construction in the area has resulted in a traffic safety situation that may be largely avoidable if the traffic patterns are changed and the roads widened to account for the increase in traffic. Just how many car crashes have there been on Carolina Forest Blvd?

Statistics on Auto Accidents on Carolina Forest Boulevard in Myrtle Beach

The month after the new Ten Oaks Middle School opened, there was a 120% increase in car crashes on Carolina Forest Blvd. In August of 2017, there were a total of 8 auto accidents on Carolina Forest Blvd, and then the following month, in September, the number of accidents spiked to 18 accidents. The increase in car crashes remained consistent through October, with a total of 16 accidents in October. The number of accidents has increased overall since 2012, with the most dramatic increase happening this year after the opening of Ten Oaks. In 2012, there were 89 car wrecks on Carolina Forest Blvd. This increased to a total of 139 accidents in the year 2016. So far, this year, there have already been 143 auto accidents just on Carolina Forest Blvd which is the most accidents on this road in a single calendar year. From the year 2012 to now, there have been 718 collisions just on this one road…

How can We Reverse the Trend of Car Crashes on Carolina Forest Blvd?

Carolina Forest Blvd connects Highway 501 to International Drive in Myrtle Beach which makes it a commonly used through-way for commuters. It is also the primary road for access to the many neighborhoods and apartments in the Carolina Forest Area which means it is extremely congested when people are traveling to and from work and when parents are bringing their children to and from the local schools.

“With respect to all the new construction off Carolina Forest Boulevard, including the school, I think that’s all contributing to the increase in the number of accidents,” said Carolina Forest Civic Association board member Jeff DeSantis.

Although a new design for Carolina Forest Blvd is expected to be finished in September of 2018, there is no date set for construction to widen the road. For now, motorists who are passing through should be extra cautious to avoid collisions especially during peak traffic hours. The road desperately needs to be widened, however, and other methods of access to and from Carolina Forest’s neighborhoods need to be explored.

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