Spring break is here in Myrtle Beach – schools across the country are taking time off in March and April, and students are enjoying their vacations, many in sunny Myrtle Beach.

One thing that many students and parents don’t consider before they head out for vacation is the possibility of spring break car wrecks in Myrtle Beach or the other types of accidents, injuries, and arrests that happen every year at this time.

If you are hurt in a car wreck in Myrtle Beach while you are here on vacation, talk to an experienced local car wreck attorney before you leave town and make sure that you are protected.

The Myrtle Beach car wreck attorneys at Coastal Law have years of experience getting maximum compensation for our clients from at-fault drivers and their insurance companies, and we want to help.

Spring Break Car Wrecks in Myrtle Beach

During spring break in Myrtle Beach, people are having fun and enjoying their time off from school. Some, however, may be having a bit too much fun – creating a hazard for everyone else.

Traffic Congestion in Myrtle Beach

Traffic is congested during spring break, and there are limited routes to enter and leave the beach.

In Myrtle Beach, the main highways like highway 501, Kings Highway, or the 17 bypass can turn into gridlock. Road rage, confusion over unfamiliar routes and intersections, and the sheer number of visitors trying to get from point A to point B in their vehicles all contribute to car wrecks across the Grand Strand area.

When a driver causes a spring break car wreck in Myrtle Beach because they are unfamiliar with the area, stressed over the traffic, speeding, or violating another traffic law, they will be responsible for any damage that they cause.

Whether it is a minor accident with minor injuries or a wrongful death caused by a careless driver, your car wreck attorney at Coastal Law has seen it before and is ready to help you recover maximum damages from the at-fault driver whenever possible.

Drunk Drivers in Myrtle Beach

In addition to locals who may be partying it up in the Myrtle Beach area, there are the inevitable students who may be having a bit too much fun – away from parents, away from school, and too much alcohol (or drugs) before getting behind the wheel is a recipe for disaster.

Especially in the evenings, but at any point during the day, there will be people on the road who are intoxicated and who are a danger to everyone else.

When a drunk driver causes a spring break car wreck in Myrtle Beach, your DUI accident lawyer at Coastal Law will be ready to file suit on your behalf, negotiate full and fair compensation in a settlement, or try your case to a jury when necessary – and we will be looking for punitive damages against the drunk driver that caused your injuries.

If I Had a Spring Break Car Wreck in Myrtle Beach, Do I Have to Come Back for My Case?

You might.

Most of our out-of-state clients do not have to return to the area – often, we are able to negotiate full and fair compensation in a settlement before trial. You must be prepared and willing to return for your court case, however.

I have seen attorneys tell clients, before they are retained, they will not have to return for their case. Why? Because that’s what people want to hear.

Although it may be true – you may not have to return for your case – how are you going to feel about your attorney if they promised you would not have to return but then you discover you must return, or you will lose your case?

You must be available for a deposition if it is necessary, and, if the at-fault driver’s insurance company does not pay what is owed, you must be available to testify at your trial.

Ideally, you should call our office before you return home – getting an attorney in place immediately to start the process of gathering evidence, preparing your lawsuit, and negotiating on your behalf with the insurance companies.

If you must leave town before calling us, you should still call as soon as you are able – as more time goes by, evidence may be lost, witnesses may become unavailable, and the insurance company may “set aside” an insufficient amount of money to cover your eventual settlement if they do not quickly hear from an attorney who represents you.

If I Had a Spring Break Car Wreck in Myrtle Beach, Can I Seek Medical Treatment in My Home State?

Of course – you should immediately seek emergency treatment while you are here in Myrtle Beach, but, once you return home, you should absolutely seek follow up treatment and follow any recommendations made by the ER doctors or your personal physician.

Spring Break Resort Injuries in Myrtle Beach

If you were hurt at your motel, a local business, or suffered any injuries caused by someone else’s negligence while you were in Myrtle Beach for spring break, most of what I’ve written above still applies.

The personal injury attorneys at Coastal Law want to help – call us before you leave town if possible, and we will go to work investigating your case, gathering the evidence you need, and getting you paid.

Spring Break Car Wrecks in Myrtle Beach – the Personal Injury Attorneys at Coastal Law Can Help

It is critical that you contact an experienced SC auto accident attorney as soon as possible after a spring break car wreck in Myrtle Beach – your attorney at Coastal Law will immediately begin investigating the crash and preserving evidence for your claims.

Call Coastal Law now at (843) 488-5000 or email us through our website to talk with a Myrtle Beach car wreck attorney today.

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