Top 10 Questions About Worker’s Compensation Cases

Missing work due to an illness or injury is never part of anyone’s plan. You might be worried that you’ll run out of sick days. Worse, if your employer doesn’t provide paid sick days, you may stress over how you’ll pay all the bills that month or whether you’ll still... read more

15 Questions About Misdemeanor and Felony Charges in SC

Some people have the notion that a “criminal” is somehow different from a normal law-abiding citizen. In reality, those who have been charged or convicted of breaking the law aren’t any different from those who haven’t. There are so many criminalized acts in the state... read more

13 Questions About Criminal Charges for Perjury in SC

What often comes to mind when people hear the word “perjury” is someone lying under oath while on the witness stand in a courtroom. But lying under oath is just one form of perjury. South Carolina’s code identifies two types of perjury: 1. Intentionally providing... read more

What Happens if You Fail to Appear in Court in SC?

Judges take their dockets very seriously. So when you’re on a judge’s calendar—whether you’re appearing in general sessions court, magistrate’s court, municipal court, or before a grand jury—you must also take the judge’s docket seriously. The Basics of Failure to... read more

What are the Penalties for DUI in SC?

You’ve found yourself in a rough spot. At the time, you thought you were okay to drive. Maybe you were? But let’s face it, it doesn’t take much alcohol to put you over the legal limit. Either way, you’re facing DUI charges in South Carolina and you need some answers.... read more

What are the Underage Drinking Laws in SC?

Though it may seem quite common, drinking while underage can expose you to serious consequences. Since you aren’t legally allowed to drink, making this mistake is an even bigger deal if you are caught by the police. In South Carolina, the legal drinking age is 21. If... read more

Burglary Charges: Fines, Penalties, Jail Time in SC

The movies glamorize just about everything, especially crimes. When it comes to burglaries, most don’t involve cracking a safe with a stethoscope, decrypting security system passcodes, or scaling a 10-story building. And very few burglars, if any, have the skills of... read more

Shoplifting: Fines, Penalties, Jail Time in SC

Whether intentional or unintentional, shoplifting isn’t a so-called “victimless crime.” Shop owners are eager to press charges against customers who try to take more than what they pay for even though in some cases it was an oversight. You didn’t intend to... read more

What are the Penalties for CSC Charges in SC?

While there are many different types of sexual crimes, perhaps the biggest is Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC), more commonly known as rape. What pushes up a crime from sexual assault to criminal sexual conduct is some sort of penetration. Even if the penetration is... read more


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