Motorcycle Accidents in Myrtle Beach SC

For many people, motorcycles are a way of life. For others, they are a cherished pastime. Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand Area has a long, rich history of motorcycle rallies and events. The first breath of wind as you lift your feet to the pedals, the tension and... read more

How SC Ethics Rules Help Insurance Companies

Attorneys belong to one of the few professions that are strictly regulated by ethics rules that govern how they practice law, conduct business, and interact with other litigants and the public. One of these rules prohibits an attorney from contacting a victim of an... read more

Can a Bouncer be Liable for Assault and Battery?

A bouncer at Derriere’s Gentleman’s Club in Myrtle Beach allegedly punched a dancer in the face and dragged her off stage last weekend. Bouncers and security guards are hired by clubs, hotels, and other establishments to protect the clientele and to eject drunken or... read more

Is DRE Testimony Admissible in a S.C. DUI Trial?

South Carolina’s appellate courts have not yet decided the issue of whether DRE testimony is admissible at trial, but the courts will most likely admit DRE testimony when: 1) The officer is qualified as an expert; and 2) The testimony is limited to the officer’s... read more

Can You Get a DUI on a Lawnmower in South Carolina?

You can be charged with DUI in South Carolina if you are in or on any vehicle that is powered by a motor. South Carolina police have charged people with DUI while: Riding a lawn mower, Driving a tractor, and Riding a moped (even when S.C.’s DUI law didn’t cover... read more

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