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Personal Injury Lawyer South Carolina

Coastal Law, LLC has been guiding their clients through difficult situations for more than 15 years. They understand that personal injury cases can be particularly hard because of the feeling of hopelessness you are left with after an accident. You are now worrying about how to get to work, how to pay for vehicle repairs, and possibly how to pay for medical bills all while dealing the frustrating fact that the accident wasn’t your fault! Let Coastal Law, LLC do the worrying for you and help you get back on your feet. We will deal with the insurance company and work to get you a fair result.

In addition, we routinely handle many types of accidents including car accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, and bicycle accidents. We also handle slip and fall cases. Let Coastal Law, LLC right the wrong that was done to you. We will guide you through this confusing process, build a strong defense, and advocate for your interests.

Myrtle Beach Criminal Defense Attorneys

Coastal Law, LLC understands that facing criminal charges is one of the most difficult situations you will experience. In a criminal case your entire future could be on the line. The outcome of your case could affect your current and future employment, your family, and your reputation. Most importantly, your freedom could even be on the line!

Just a few of the types of criminal cases we handle include DUI/DUAC, Domestic Violence, Drug Charges, and Disorderly Conduct. Coastal Law, LLC will do everything in their power to make sure you get the best possible outcome to your case. We will protect your rights and build a strong defense to the case against you.

Civil Litigation Attorney Myrtle Beach, SC

Coastal Law, LLC knows that being involved in a lawsuit can be daunting and intimidating. Whether you are being sued, or considering suing another person, you need a trustworthy and experienced law firm to guide you through the civil litigation process. We routinely handle landlord-tenant issues, civil litigation and lawsuits, and corporate and business issues including formation, agreements, and disputes. Coastal Law, LLC is here to assist you with your civil litigation needs.

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