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In 2013, Charleston County and Horry County were among the top five in the AAA Carolinas’ annual list of South Carolina’s most dangerous counties for traffic collisions.

Horry County was also the second highest in the number of fatal motor vehicle crashes in South Carolina.

With the millions of visitors to the Grand Strand and Low Country each year, drivers in these areas are more susceptible to car accidents. No one, local or visiting, chooses to be in an auto accident, but unfortunately they happen.

How a lawyer for a car accident can help you.

If you are in a vehicle accident in the Horry County, Conway, or Myrtle Beach areas of South Carolina and sustain personal injury from that wreck, the attorneys at Coastal Law, LLC are here to advocate for you and protect your legal rights.

Vehicle accident cases are almost never simple. Some car wrecks appear very minor initially, but may turn out to involve injuries that could cause a lifetime of pain and suffering. The lawyers at Coastal Law are experienced in this type of case and will work with you to ensure that you will be properly compensated for all of your injuries.

While you are busy treating your injuries or trying to get your vehicle fixed, you also find yourself making statements to the insurance adjuster, getting claim numbers, talking with your insurance, dealing with someone else’s insurance company. Or, in some cases, you’re dealing with someone who is uninsured or who is not properly insured.

What do you do or where do you turn?

The attorneys at Coastal Law, LLC have the experience necessary to properly interpret your insurance policy to determine what you can expect your insurance policy to cover.

You may be wondering if your insurance company will help you.

Auto accident victims should understand that every insurance company has a team of adjusters, investigators and attorneys whose primary responsibility is to limit the liability of the insurance company and minimize the amount of money to be paid to injured parties.

Insurance companies will aggressively defend their interests, even in those cases which appear to have no complex legal issues. While you may not believe the traffic accident is major enough to need the services of a lawyer, there are numerous situations you can overlook.

From simple rear-end collisions to complex injury and death cases involving automobile accidents, 18 wheeler truck accidents, and motorcycle wrecks, the attorneys at Coastal Law handle all aspects of motor vehicle collisions and any possible litigation.

I was in an auto accident, what do I do?:

  • Get emergency medical attention if you are seriously injured.
  • Cooperate with the investigating officer but do not make any admissions regarding fault of the accident. Make sure the police make a report.
  • Try not to move the vehicles, but obey the law. Sometimes vehicles must be moved to an accident investigation area.
  • Take pictures of the scene and the vehicles and include pictures of personal injuries you may have suffered.
  • Get names and phone numbers of potential witnesses.
  • Keep a log of all accident related activities including visits to hospitals or doctors. Record dates, times and purpose of visits.
  • See an attorney to protect your legal rights.
  • Do not sign any releases or accept any “final payments” from an insurance company until you have made sure that you understand your rights. It is always a good idea to consult an attorney first.

If possible, write down all the facts below:

  • Other Driver’s Name & Drivers License Number:__________
  • Other Driver’s Address: _______________________________
  • Other Driver’s Phone Number: __________________________
  • Other Driver’s Insurance Name:_________________________
  • Other Driver’s Policy Number: _________________________
  • Other Car Owner’s Name: _______________________________
  • Other Car Owner’s Address: ____________________________
  • Other Car Owner’s Phone Number: _______________________
  • Other Car’s Make/Model/Year/License Number: ___________
  • Diagram The Accident:
  • Date and Time of Accident: ____________________________
  • Weather Conditions: ___________________________________
  • Road Conditions: ______________________________________
  • Location of the Accident:______________________________
  • Draw a sketch of the scene: ___________________________

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Great Attorney In Myrtle Beach

We had a substantial traffic violation to deal with and Michael Wells is the only attorney who gave me hope that we could resolve this issue. I spoke with several attorneys in town and he was the only one who was positive that he could help and had very good suggestions for the right approach.

We hired him and he delivered! He solved our issue. His approach was excellent. I sincerely appreciate his modus operandi, his support and suggestions.

I am extremely happy with the results and I strongly recommend him to anyone who has a traffic violation to deal with, even a substantial one at that!

– MM

Great job!

Mike handled a ticket for me that I received as a result of an auto accident. He was able to get the ticket dismissed completely! No fine and no penalty. He kept me updated and informed the entire time. He did a great job!

– Anonymous


I was involved in an auto accident that was not my fault & Russell Fry of Coastal Law helped me every step of the way through the process. The settlement was completed in a timely manner and I would highly recommend Russell and Coastal Law to anyone needing competent professional expertise.

– Jean

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