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Are you or someone close to you facing Domestic Violence charges?

If so, you may feel like your life (or theirs) has hit a roadblock.

You may be feeling hopeless and confused with nowhere to turn. When facing any CDV charge you or a loved one may be facing severe penalties, fines and even jail time.

Whatever the case, a domestic violence lawyer can help.

The Problem With a CDV Conviction

Not only do friends and family tend to look down upon people charged with domestic violence, but CDV convictions can carry very steep consequences in the Horry County, Conway County, and Myrtle Beach, SC areas.

You could be facing high fines, mandatory 6 month long domestic abuse programs (that are expensive), probation, and even jail time! These charges can follow you in the future for life since they show up on a background check. That could mean losing your job and having a hard time finding a new one.

First, Let’s Talk a Little About What Domestic Violence (CDV) Is

The crime of domestic violence in South Carolina centers around a member of one’s household. This household member is either injured or harmed by another household member. Injured or harmed can be as minor as a scratch on one’s arm. This crime is even committed if a household member threatens or attempts to harm or injure a household member with the present ability to do so.

There are many different degrees of Domestic Violence. Below they are listed in order of seriousness, beginning with the least serious and ending with the most serious charge.

The degrees of CDV are:

  • – CDV 3rd degree
  • – CDV 2nd degree
  • – CDV 1st degree
  • – CDV of a High and Aggravated Nature (CDVHAN)

Domestic Violence offenses can carry mandatory jail time in South Carolina. It is important to meet with a criminal domestic violence defense attorney in the Horry County, Conway, and Myrtle Beach, SC areas as soon as possible to understand the criminal penalties and possible long term consequences.

Can the victim or my spouse drop the charges?

Many courts in South Carolina have domestic violence prosecutors who prosecute these types of cases specifically. The solicitor can prosecute the case with or without victim cooperation. If a victim wants to dismiss a domestic violence case, the prosecutor can still move forward with prosecuting the case. Therefore, it is not within the victim’s sole control to dismiss or prosecute the case.

If you or someone you know has been charged with CDV in South Carolina, or if you are a victim of CDV, we are available to discuss how we can help.

How Having a Lawyer for CDV Charges Can Help

Because Domestic Violence charges can carry such harsh penalties and consequences, it is very important to hire a local attorney to best represent you. We will stand up for you in court and fight for your freedom and future.

In some cases the Defendant has been overcharged, and if this has happened to you we can work to reduce or dismiss the charges against you. In other cases, the police or the prosecutor may have made mistakes which could get the charges against you dismissed.

An experienced criminal domestic violence attorney can review your charges with you and see if your case may have been overcharged or mishandled.

What To Do Next

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We’ll set up a free consultation with our criminal domestic violence attorney to discuss the facts and circumstances surrounding your case. We’re available weekend and after-hours too.

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