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Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take too many drinks to be over the legal limit in SC. For many people, even two or three drinks could result in a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher.

Regardless, when Charleston Police smell alcohol on your breath, they are most likely taking you to jail, and now you’re facing DUI charges.

You need a DUI lawyer in Charleston who will fight for your freedom and your future!

Charleston is one of the most popular cities in the nation for tourism, travel, college life, and nightlife. Downtown Charleston is full of restaurants, bars, and many wonderful places to relax and have a drink. Add the College of Charleston, museums, and the many different tourist attractions, and there is always something going on in town.

Because of this, Charleston police have cracked down on alcohol violations. From setting up DUI checkpoints to record high arrests for public intoxication, they’re serious when it comes to enforcing DUI laws in Charleston, SC.

The DUI defense attorneys at Coastal Law are serious when it comes to defending people charged with DUI in Charleston, SC too.

The Consequences of DUI Charges

If you are convicted of a DUI in Charleston, SC, you will:

  • Lose your license for 6 months.
  • Be required to carry SR22 insurance for a period of at least three years.
  • Be required to install and blow into an interlock ignition device every time you want to drive your vehicle depending on the conviction and the breathalyzer result.
  • Have to attend DUI classes (ADSAP).
  • Have a permanent criminal record.

As you can see, a DUI conviction is both costly and inconvenient. When you do the math, you’ll find that it’s cheaper to hire a DUI lawyer in Charleston to fight your charges than to simply plea guilty.

People turn to the DUI attorneys at Coastal Law when they want to fight their charges, get their case dismissed and avoid the inconveniences and cost associated with a conviction.

Questions You Should Ask a DUI Lawyer in Charleston, SC:

1. What’s required to be charged with a DUI?

A DUI traffic stop usually begins with a traffic violation. If the officer believes that you have been drinking or that you are under the influence of drugs, they will ask you to perform field sobriety tests on the roadside and ask you a series of questions. Once the officer believes that you were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you’re going to jail. Everything that the officer does after that point is calculated to create evidence to use against you in court.

2. Can I get a temporary license?

Maybe! Depending on the facts of your case and the reason for your license suspension, you may be eligible for a TARL (Temporary Alcohol Restricted License) following an implied consent suspension or a Route Restricted License after you enroll in ADSAP.

3. When does a DUI become a felony?

A DUI conviction is considered a felony if you have at least three prior DUI/DUAC convictions. A “Felony DUI,” on the other hand, is a DUI offense that results in an accident where a person is seriously injured or killed.

4. Can a DUI be expunged?

Although most 30-day misdemeanors can be expunged in SC if there are no other convictions, a DUI conviction cannot be expunged because it is considered a traffic offense.

Choosing a DUI Attorney in Charleston, SC.

With so many DUI lawyers in Charleston, SC it can be a challenge finding the one that’s right for you.

The best DUI defense attorneys are the lawyers who constantly attend training in the area of criminal defense and DUI defense and who put those skills to use for their clients. Attorneys “practice law,” and that may be more true for DUI defense lawyers than in any other area of law. DUI laws and the appellate courts’ interpretations of those laws are always changing, trial lawyers are constantly developing new methods of trial practice, and DUI defense lawyers have to stay ahead of the curve if they want to win their cases. .

Driving under the influence (DUI) in South Carolina has its own set of rules and caselaw that an attorney will only keep up with if they have a regular DUI defense practice, which is why it is important that you retain an attorney that routinely handles DUI cases. Just like you would not hire an eye doctor to perform your open heart surgery, you do not want to hire a real estate lawyer to handle your DUI charges.

Here are a few questions you should ask a DUI lawyer:

  • How many DUI cases have you handled?
  • How many years have you been practicing law?
  • Will you be the DUI attorney who represents me?
  • What are your legal fees?
  • What is your philosophy when it comes to DUI defense?

We’ll get the evidence needed.

The DUI Defense attorneys at Coastal Law, LLC, will get all the evidence associated with your case. Here’s what they’ll do:

  • Get the videos from the traffic stop and the breathalyzer room.
  • Carefully analyze the reports and videos to find any grounds that exist to dismiss your case or to suppress evidence in your case.
  • Locate and interview any witnesses that could help you.
  • Research the DUI laws and appellate opinions to craft pre-trial motions that may result in dismissal of your case or suppression of the evidence.
  • Negotiate on your behalf with the prosecutor or officer to minimize the consequences of the arrest.
  • Try your case to a jury of your peers if the state will not dismiss or offer an acceptable resolution to your case.

The Charleston DUI attorneys at Coastal Law will get your case dismissed or they will go to trial when the State does not offer an acceptable outcome.

When Should You Speak with a DUI Lawyer in Charleston, SC?

Don’t wait. You want to meet with a DUI Attorney in Charleston immediately.

Here’s why.

The officer in your case has already submitted your paperwork to the courts and to a trained prosecutor. That means your case is moving forward from day one with or without a DUI defense attorney! You want an experienced DUI lawyer in Charleston involved in your case as soon as possible.

If you have been charged with a DUI in Charleston, Mt Pleasant, Folly Beach, Isle of Palms and Sullivans Island, SC area call us today. Weekend and after-hours consultations are available too! Our consultation is free.

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