What’s the Court Process for a DUI in SC?

A traffic stop. A DUI checkpoint. A car accident. However it started, you’re now facing a DUI charge and a long road ahead before the situation is resolved. And one of the scariest parts of this long road? Not knowing what to expect. So if this is your first DUI... read more

10 Truths & Myths About Vehicle Searches by Police in SC

One minute you’re driving down the highway singing along to your favorite tune on the radio. The next minute, you’re being handcuffed by one police officer while another is asking for permission to search your vehicle. Don’t the police need a search warrant to perform... read more

Everything You Need to Know On Trespassing Charges in SC

It’s human nature to want to explore “the other side of the fence.” Perhaps this happened to you. You were curious and didn’t mean any harm. In some cases, unfortunately, your curiosity can lead to legal trouble. If you enter someone else’s private property in South... read more

What Happens After an Arrest in SC?

Most of us have had an encounter with law enforcement at one point or another. For relatively minor situations, the police will likely let you go with a ticket or a warning. When brushes with the law are more serious, however, you may end up getting arrested. If this... read more

18 Questions About Burglary Charges in SC

When shown in Hollywood movies, burglary seems like a glamorous crime. Well-dressed men and women with underground criminal connections coordinate to pull off heists of banks, Las Vegas casinos, or high-end art museums. The reality isn’t quite so glamorous because... read more

Charges for “Hit and Run”in SC

You’re driving home late at night, eager to get into bed. Then suddenly, you’re in an accident. You’re not sure whether you closed your eyes for a minute, or maybe just weren’t paying as close attention as you thought you were. Either way, you’ve hit another car.... read more

Top 12 Weird DUI Laws From Around the World

When you hear the term “DUI,” your mind probably jumps to images of drunk drivers or cops running field sobriety tests. That reaction is pretty typical, considering that most of the publicity DUIs receive is due to drunk driving. Yet, driving drunk isn’t the only way... read more

18 Questions About Bail Bonds & Bond Hearings in SC

Remember playing the game Monopoly as a kid? Drawing a card from the “chance” pile could get you sent to jail. Logically, another could get you out of jail for free. Of course, in real life, there’s no such thing as a “get out of jail free” card. Suppose that one day... read more

What Charges Can Be Expunged in SC?

No one wants to be branded as a criminal for the rest of his or her life. Yet, if you have a criminal record, that’s exactly what can happen. Whether you were convicted of a crime or arrested on charges that were later dropped, once people find out that you have a rap... read more


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