How is a SC Pardon Different From an Expungement?

When the president of the United States pardons a prisoner, the story makes big news—which is no surprise, as presidential pardons are rare. But did you know that you can also receive a SC pardon for convictions in state court? Most people who have a criminal... read more

Grammar, Punctuation, and the Law

Looking for an attorney to handle your criminal case, your auto accident, or to draft documents for your business? Odds are, you are doing your homework and researching the qualifications of different local attorneys. You want to hire the best lawyer in Myrtle Beach.... read more

What Charges Can Be Expunged in SC?

No one wants to be branded as a criminal for the rest of his or her life. Yet, if you have a criminal record, that’s exactly what can happen. Whether you were convicted of a crime or arrested on charges that were later dropped, once people find out that you have a rap... read more

Motorcycle Accidents at Fall Rally 2017

Myrtle Beach’s 2017 Fall Rally ended in at least one death caused by a careless motorist. According to WMBF, motorcyclist Sidney Williams of Raleigh, NC, was killed in Atlantic Beach when a minivan made a left turn in front of him. The impact caused him to be ejected... read more

10 Questions About CSC Rape Charges in SC

Sexual assault in SC has become an increasingly hot topic as victim advocates and the media continue to bring attention to campus rape and sexual misconduct in the military. Criminal sexual conduct (CSC) charges can affect anyone, however. Although sexual assaults are... read more

Campus Sexual Assault in South Carolina

Campus sexual assaults have come back into the spotlight recently thanks to Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ push to reverse Obama-era guidelines for how colleges and universities handle sexual assault allegations. The guideline that may have the most impact... read more

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